Read More - Fourth Grader Demonstrates Seabin Devices
Fourth grader Mary Elizabeth Hicks attended a ceremony this morning at the Tennessee Aquarium to announce the deployment of Seabin devices throughout the Tennessee River. The devices help clean the water and collect debris.
Read More - Students Memorize Digits of Pi
We celebrated Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) with the annual contest to memorize and recite the most digits of Pi, and the whole school made a chain of the first 349 digits.
Read More - Second Grade Frogs and More in
The second grade play this year is "Swamped," complete with frogs, mosquitos, butterflies, tadpoles, salamanders, turtles and a really hungry alligator. Each grade level performs a play each year, and every student has a part.
Read More - Children's Author Josh Funk Visits Bright
Author Josh Funk got the idea for his hilariously creative book series Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast from his children when they didn't agree on what to have for breakfast. He encouraged students to have a notebook handy at all times for story and character ideas.
Read More - Teachers Leading Bright Days Summer Program
First grade teacher MacKenzie O’Neal and third grade teacher Maggie McGuire will lead Bright Days this summer. Bright Days is our summer program for early learners. Both teachers have been summer camp counselors here and at other schools and are excited to oversee Bright Days.