What May Students Wear to School?

Uniforms are required for grades PK-5. We expect our students to present a consistent and acceptable appearance in dress, attitude and performance each day.

The Bright School logo is required on several items. Only vendors approved by the school have permission to embroider or heat press the logo on clothing and other items. These vendors are Land’s End, School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger, Educational Outfitters, Threads on Signal, and Charlotte's Web in Riverview. The logo is used in white on evergreen and navy, and the logo is used in navy on white, light yellow and light blue. The full-color logo is not used on uniform clothing.

The Parents’ Association oversees used uniform sales throughout the year, and these are good opportunities to stock your child’s closet.

Required Uniform Clothing

  • Grades PK-5 are required to wear specific uniform colors for performing at Thanksgiving and Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day. These are navy bottoms (pants, skirts, skorts or jumpers) and white polo shirts with short or long sleeves and the logo. Students do not wear shorts for these performances.
  • Fifth grade boys are required to wear khaki pants and white button-down long-sleeve shirts with a Bright plaid (Dress Gordon) tie or bowtie for graduation. Plaid ties or bowties may be purchased from Land’s End and Educational Outfitters.

Tip: White polo shirts are easily stained. Keep one in the closet just to wear for performances.

Uniform Tops

  • Knit polo shirts with the Bright logo in short or long sleeves and in these colors only: white, light yellow, light blue, evergreen and navy. Polos may be bought and embroidered through the approved vendors mentioned above or bought at a different store such as Old Navy, Target, or The Children’s Place and embroidered/heat pressed at Threads on Signal or Educational Outfitters. Polo shirts must have a plain front with no pockets.
  • Girls may wear a button-down blouse (Peter Pan collar) under a jumper, sweater, sweater vest or sweatshirt. No logo.
  • Boys may wear a button-down shirt under a sweater, sweater vest or sweatshirt. No logo
  • Students may wear a white turtleneck under a jumper (girls), sweater, sweater vest or sweatshirt. No logo.
  • The Bright logo may not be embroidered on button-down blouses or shirts or turtlenecks.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.

Uniform Bottoms

  • Boys: Pants or shorts in khaki or navy.
  • Girls: Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers in khaki or navy. Girls may wear leggings or tights under skorts, skirts and dresses, but leggings may not be worn alone in place of pants.
  • Pants and shorts may not be cargo styles. Pants are not form-fitting leggings. Jeans are not acceptable. Corduroy pants are acceptable.
  • Girls: Skirts, skorts, or jumpers in Bright plaid (Dress Gordon) available only through Land’s End, School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger, and Educational Outfitters.
  • Boys and girls should wear brown, black or navy belts or the belts sold in the bookstore with pants or shorts. PK and K students may wear elastic waists without belts.

Uniform Dresses

  • Girls may wear knit polo dresses, short or long sleeves, in navy or evergreen with the white Bright logo.
  • Knit polo dresses have collars. Other knit dresses are not part of the uniform.
  • These dresses may be bought and embroidered through the approved vendors or bought at a different store such as Old Navy, Target, or The Children’s Place and embroidered/heat pressed at Threads on Signal or Educational Outfitters.


  • Tennis shoes are required daily. Shoes may not leave marks on any flooring surface. Lace-ups or Velcro are required. Slip-ons are not acceptable.
  • Tennis shoes may not have sounds or wheels.
  • Tennis shoes are the only acceptable shoes for students. Slip-ons, sandals, flip-flops, boots, and Mary Jane dress shoes may not be worn.
  • Socks above the ankle should be solid white or solid navy. Boys may wear black athletic crew socks.

Other Items for Girls

  • Girls wear shorts under dresses, jumpers and skirts. Bike or cartwheel shorts are recommended because they are less bulky.
  • Girls may wear tights or leggings in solid navy, white, or gray under skirts, skorts and dresses. Black is not acceptable. Leggings must have no patterns, lace, ruffles or other embellishments. Leggings must be full-length, not capri. Leggings are not worn in place of pants.
  • All dresses, skirts/skorts, and jumpers must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Hair bows, ribbons and headbands are acceptable in white, khaki, navy, evergreen, light yellow, light blue or Bright plaid.
  • Accessories should be minimal and not distracting.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

  • Cardigan or v-neck sweaters in white, navy or evergreen. The Bright logo is allowed with these items but not required.
  • Sweater vest in navy or evergreen. The Bright logo is allowed with these items but not required.
  • Crewneck, half zip or full zip styles for sweatshirts or half zip or full zip fleece jackets in navy or evergreen with or without a hood. The Bright logo is allowed with these items but not required.
  • A knit polo or button-down collared shirt must be worn under sweaters or sweatshirts. Shirts without logos may not be worn without a sweater (or jumper for girls) over them. If a child is going to take off his or her sweater or sweatshirt during the day, he or she must be wearing a shirt with a logo.
  • Bright School sweatshirts and other kinds of outerwear are sold in the bookstore and are permissable to wear with the uniform.
  • Plaid (Dress Gordon) Bright School appliqued sweatshirts and Property of Bright School hoodies are no longer sold new but are available in the used uniform sale. These sweatshirts are permissable to wear on top of the uniform.


  • Students may wear jackets or coats of any sort to and from school and during outdoor recess but these items may not be worn during the regular school day, especially in classrooms and assemblies.
  • Jackets sold in the bookstore or any of the approved sweatshirts, sweaters or fleeces may be worn at school and kept on throughout the day.

Tip: If your child is cold-natured or tends to be cold indoors, please keep an approved sweater or sweatshirt at school to be worn in the classroom.



  • Label all clothing! Often items end up in the lost and found bin. The bin is cleared out several times a year and unclaimed items donated to the used uniform sale or charities.
  • Accidents happen! Younger children should keep an extra top and bottom at school just in case. Older children may change into clothes from the used uniform closet. We ask that parents either return these items clean or purchase them.

Where May I Purchase Uniform Items?

These are the only vendors authorized to embroider or heat press the school logo on uniform clothing:

Land's End
Shop online at LandsEnd.com. The only uniform items that may be embroidered with the logo are polo shirts, polo dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece jackets. It is acceptable to have the logo embroidered on a backpack or bag, but the logo may only be used in white or navy.

Watch the Bright Facebook page periodically for sale and discount information offered throughout the year.

School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger
Shop online at School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger. Click on Find Your School at the top and type in The Bright School. From there, follow the prompts. This site will only allow authorized clothing items to be embroidered with the logo. Watch the Bright Facebook page periodically for sale and discount information offered throughout the year.

ABC Apparel
The store is located at 2271 Gunbarrel Rd, Suite 107, Chattanooga, TN 37421. ABC Apparel, formerly Educational Outfitters, sells uniform tops and bottoms. Also, you may take polo shirts and polo dresses bought at other stores to have them embroidered or heat pressed. Click here to shop online.

Threads on Signal
The store is located at 1207 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain, TN 37377. Threads will embroider or heat press the logo on uniform tops bought elsewhere. 

Charlotte's Web
The store is located at 1301 Dorchester Road in Riverview, only a few miles from school. Charlotte's Web will embroider the logo on uniform tops bought elsewhere.

Free Dress Days, Pajama Day and T-Shirt Days

  • Several times a year, students have free dress days. This means they do not have to wear uniforms. Generally, they will still be required to wear tennis shoes and will have the same activities during the day as a normal school day. They should dress according to the weather and temperature.
  • In November, students have Pajama Day to celebrate the end of the Pajama Party Auction. We remind parents that students will still attend P.E., recess and other activities indoors and outdoors. They must wear tennis shoes. It is recommended that children wear pajamas instead of nightgowns, and athletic or lounging apparel also is acceptable instead of pajamas.
  • Each month, a Friday will be designated as Bright T-Shirt Day. This means students may wear any Bright t-shirt with regular uniform bottoms or non-uniform shorts/skorts purchased from the bookstore. These shirts could be any Bright shirt such as an athletic shirt from the bookstore,  Bright Fit, or Bright World.
  • For certain events such as Bright Fit and Bright World, there will be days when these shirts may be worn with uniform bottoms.
  • Students usually are allowed to wear holiday shirts and accessories with uniform bottoms for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.
  • Check the Woodshop weekly email and the weekly email from your child’s teacher for announcements about special dress days.


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