Read More - Third Graders Raise Money to Save Koalas
Third graders are raising money to virtually adopt a koala in Australia named Jimmie Jams. Koalas are endangered due to the bush fires in the country. Students are selling koala pencil toppers each morning.
Read More - Campus Certified as a Schoolyard Habitat
Bright is surrounded by trees and plants with many birds and wildlife, and now we're officially a Schoolyard Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife program. Our grounds provide food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise young.
Read More - PK Learns Around the Campfire
PK incorporated their study of night and day and the solar system with their scheduled outside day by helping build a campfire and roasting marshmallows over it. Students gathered sticks and watched a teacher light the fire and demonstrate how it grows.
Read More - Happy New Year!
Classes resume on January 7. We're excited to begin the second year of our Building a Bright Future capital campaign.
Read More - Alumna Starts New Business in Vietnam
Anna Holt Danau ’98 took a chance to move to a country she had never visited and ended up starting her own company and, in her spare time, starring in a children’s show on YouTube.
Read More - Fifth Grader Repeats as Spelling Bee Winner
This year's spelling bee lasted a marathon 33 rounds. Fifth grader Matilda Joels, last year's winner, repeated by correctly spelling fungi. Classmates Miriam Fazio-Vives and Vishnu Vardhana also will go to the zone bee.