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We said good-bye to two retiring teachers and eight faculty and staff members who left for various reasons after the 2019-2020 school year. JPK teacher Cathy Hicks and fifth grade reading teacher Brenda Austin retired in May.
Junior pre-kindergarten is often a child’s first experience at school—which is an exciting time! Meeting your first teacher and seeing your first classroom is a big step in your child’s educational journey.
Last spring's shutdown because of the pandemic led to many changes and a reinventing of Bright School. Today, we are committed to in-person instruction and seamless online instruction when necessary.
Bright School’s mission places the endowment of wisdom and compassion as our highest goal. Our wisdom and compassion figure strongly into how we, as members of the Bright School community, approach the many challenges at hand.
Mary Gardner Bright was born on September 16, 1885, and founded her school in 1913. Hands-on learning and play were hallmarks of her school, and we continue her vision today. She began many traditions we still honor.
Like most group events, class pictures were cancelled in the spring. That did not stop us from having Class of 2020 pictures. Bright alumnus Hunt Jennings '05 created these class photos from individual photos of the students.
Show your love for Bright and give today to the Bright Fund! Our goal is 100% participation from our parents. Every donation counts!
Students returned to campus for school for the first time since March 13 today during the first Phase-In Day. Students will come in small groups through the end of the week.

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