Read More - Third Graders Deliver the Mail
We all love receiving letters in the mail. Third graders spread the joy through the Bright School post office. They collect, sort, nixie and deliver letters students write to each other throughout the school each week.
Read More - Happy New Year!
We're back in school and learning! Here's to a wonderful 2022 full of wonder, fun and discovery.
Read More - Santa Brings Holiday Cheer to Bright
Santa's visit to Bright School has been a tradition for more than 100 years, and he didn't disappoint this year. He visited with our youngest students in the library, posed in pictured with buddies and jingled the Bright bells down the hallway.
Read More - Third Graders Give Persuasive Speeches
Third graders finished their persuasive writing unit by giving speeches in front of their classes. Students urged their classmates to stay away from electronics, save animals and trees and not have homework.
Read More - Student Gives Santa to JPK Teacher
After a Bright School family learned their junior pre-kindergarten teacher missed the Santas made by her children, they decided to give her one of theirs. Every student makes a Santa in shop class before graduating from Bright. Santas have been made in shop for more than 50 years.