Read More - Show Your Love for Bright
Last year, we had 100% participation for faculty, staff and the board of trustees and 95% participation for parents in the Bright Fund. Let's get 100% across the board this year. Give Today!
Read More - Spanish Teacher Becomes American Citizen
Sra. Cindy Avendano, who has taught Spanish at Bright since 2016, is a new American citizen. She and her husband and their two daughters were naturalized in a ceremony on Tuesday in Nashville.
Read More - It's the First Day of School!
We're starting school with two Phase-In Days this year. Half of each classroom comes on Thursday and the other half on Friday. Teachers and students are getting to know each other, and learning and playtime is already starting!
Read More - Welcome Mrs. Watts!
Kristin Watts officially joined the Bright School faculty and staff on July 1. She spent the morning touring renovation areas around school and getting settled in her office. She talked to teachers and students at Bright Days.
Read More - Congratulations to the Class of 2021
We made it! We remained open all year and held graduation for all our fifth grade families. Thank you to the faculty, staff, students and parents for getting through this year.