Read More - Parents and Students Enjoy Bright Fit Day
Bright Fit Week culminated in a morning of fun activities for the whole family! Parents and students celebrated fitness and healthy living by running, climbing, bowling and playing all kinds of games.
Read More - Fit and Healthy During Bright Fit Week
Who are we? Bright Fit! We're celebrating physical fitness and healthy lifestyles during Bright Fit Week. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children to earn tickets, and everyone is invited to join the fun on Bright Fit Day.
Read More - Students Compete in Scooter Races
The fastest racers in each grade competed against each other in the annual Scooter Races. Students cheered on their classmates in the races in the gym, and even the teachers had their own race.
Read More - Fourth Grader Demonstrates Seabin Devices
Fourth grader Mary Elizabeth Hicks attended a ceremony this morning at the Tennessee Aquarium to announce the deployment of Seabin devices throughout the Tennessee River. The devices help clean the water and collect debris.
Read More - Students Memorize Digits of Pi
We celebrated Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) with the annual contest to memorize and recite the most digits of Pi, and the whole school made a chain of the first 349 digits.