Read More - Watch Your Child Grow in Kindergarten
Kindergarten is a magical year that builds on the academic and social skills begun in JPK and PK. Each Friday is dedicated to eco-literacy, and the children and teachers spend most of the day outside.
Read More - Kindergarten Learns about Diwali
Teacher Sonal Patel, dressed in a sari, talked to students about Diwali, the Festival of Lights in India. They learned a dance and took home candles to represent the diyas used in celebrations.
Read More - Buddy Wins Library Mascot Election
Students, faculty and staff voted in person or absentee via email for the library mascot. The race was narrowed to a choice between Buddy, the German Shepherd puppy, and Dolly Parton.
Read More - Bright School to Elect Library Mascot
The 2020 Election at Bright School will be the time to find a mascot for our library. Each grade has nominated a real, literary or made-up character to be the mascot. The election will be November 3.
Read More - Wonder and Discovery Grow in PK
Children in our pre-kindergarten program are active, creative and curious young learners. Our teachers foster their social, emotional and cognitive development through imagination, discovery and play.