Read More - Bright Fit Week Encourages Healthy Living
Being physically active and healthy is something to do every day wherever you are. Normally, Bright Fit is a week-long celebration held at school, but this year students are participating at home.
Read More - Distance Learning Extended Through End of Year
The Bright School will remain closed through the end of the school year and provide distance learning for students. All events for the remainder of the year are cancelled except for Bluegrass and BBQ and Graduation, which will be rescheduled at a later date.
Read More - Tornadoes Impact Life Amid Virus Pandemic
Following tornadoes that swept through Hamilton County and north Georgia, Bright School stood ready to support and help those impacted. "We are strong and able to weather most anything, and these days are no exception. By staying connected and supporting one another, we will make it through these challenges stronger than ever," said Head of School O.J. Morgan.
Read More - Pi Day Winner Gets to Pie a Teacher
Congratulations to our Pi Day winners. These students memorized and recited the most digits of pi in their grades. Fifth grader Christopher Kim set a school record with 525 digits of pi.
Read More - Harpist Demonstrates Sounds to Students
March is Music in Our Schools Month, and we are celebrating. Harpist Tori Parrish visited school and demonstrated all the sounds that can be made on a harp. Some students got to strum the strings.
Read More - Tables Bring Flexibility to Classroom
Flexibility is the key to the classroom of today. Our first, second and third grade classrooms were outfitted with new furniture during last summer's renovations. This new furniture, including new tables in first grade, allow for better collaboration and flexibility.
Read More - Illustrator and Author Lori Nichols Visits Bright
Lori Nichols literally draws from nature. The author and illustrator of the books Maple and Maple and Willow Together talked to students about how she finds inspiration in trees, plants, rocks and anything she finds outside. She demonstrated her drawing technique by using letters to make faces.