Fifth graders and teachers played volleyball outdoors on the field to continue a longstanding tradition started more than 40 years ago.

Due to COVID-19, the game was moved outside. It is usually played in the gym, but the weather was perfect and spirits were as high as ever.

Fifth graders are split into teams, and they come up with names and outfits for the teams. This year, there were Magma Rhinos and Holy Palm Trees, for instance. Two faculty members were on each team. 

One of the highlights is the team introductions and running through the banners and onto the field. Each team chose a theme song as well.

Three games of volleyball played simultaneously and teams rotated to each court. Nobody kept score really, but good serves and hits led to high fives and fist pumps.

Fourth graders, who lined the runway where the fifth graders entered and cheered, stayed to watch the game. Early childhood classes came out to watch what the older kids were doing. It was a fun morning!

The event started in the 1970s as a sixth grade vs. faculty game. Students cheered either the sixth grade or teachers. Over the year, the game evolved into teams that included students and faculty.

To watch a video of highlights, click here.