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A trip of a lifetime. That’s how fourth grade teacher Amanda Angel described her four-week, seven-city journey through China this summer.
Welcome to the 107th year of Bright! We are happy to start school and excited to begin the year in newly-renovated classrooms.
As a result of raising $2 million of the $4 million, three-phase Building a Bright Future capital campaign, the school was able to start and complete the first phase of renovations to the original 1963 building over the summer. Over the next two summers, the fourth and fifth grade classrooms, the library, gym and special area classrooms will be updated.
A group of students and young alumni explored Italy this summer with Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Lusk and Miss Oakes. They visited Rome, Florence and Venice.
Workers emptied the first, second, and third grade classrooms and removed all cabinets and boards to make way for renovations that will enhance and improve our learning spaces. Renovations are scheduled to be completed by Registration Day on August 14.
The school's 106th graduation was held last Friday in the Centennial Theater. John Pregulman '70 told the graduates and their families about his experiences in making choices and learning about how other people are affected by the choices they make.

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