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Teachers donned formal attire and welcomed students to the Chateau Le Gym for a lesson in manners at the table and proper conversation. This week students in grades 1-5 practiced good behavior they discuss in their classrooms and table manners during P.E.
Fifth graders learned about two birds that live in our area in the summer and migrate south to Guatemala in the winter. Eliot Berz, business and community access director at the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, told the students about the work going on to protect the habitats.
To celebrate Veterans Day and honor special active military personnel, fifth graders made cards and wrote letters to Marines serving in Jordan. They learned about a classmate's uncle who is a Marine.
Second graders learn about Monarch butterflies and how they migrate to Mexico for the winter through an international project called Journey North. Students sent paper butterflies to students in Mexico, who will keep the butterflies until they return in the spring.

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