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All students learn Spanish at Bright School, and that is putting them on a good track that will improve their lives and experiences. That's the message from representatives from La Paz Chattanooga. Knowing and speaking two languages is important, they said.
Fourth graders study the state of Tennessee, learning about the geography, history, and government. The unit culminates with a visit to Nashville and the Tennessee Celebration.
Occupational therapist Sarah Powe spoke to parents about ways they can help their children get ready for academic success. She says the foundation starts as soon as they begin moving and learning, well before they begin school.
The third annual Music Day brought the Athens Recorder Ensemble to school for a day of performing and learning. The group from Athens, Georgia, played several favorites for students and held masters classes.
The Meme Team and Wrecking Balls were two of the teams playing in the annual fifth grade and faculty volleyball game. Students and teachers are on the same teams, and they all play against each other in the gym.
Dark, rich soil thanks to a mix of raw fruits and vegetables and organic matter! Fifth graders help with the composting program at school with science teacher Melanie Nestler.
Third graders brought and tasted homemade rice dishes as part of their annual rice celebration. They read the book "Everybody Cooks Rice" by Norah Dooley.

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