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What is your favorite thing at Bright School? All of our 335 students answered that question by writing a word (or two) on a sticky note and posting it on the whiteboard to make a big collage.
Fifth grader Maddie Marsh cleared 4 feet, 1 inch as the top girl. Banks Born cleared 4 feet as the top boy, becoming the first third grader to ever win since the competition began in 1976.
Families and students of all ages enjoyed the third annual Math Night presented by Mathnasium. Teachers and Mathnasium staff helped with stations of various kinds of math puzzles, games and activities in the gym.
This year's kindergarten play called Movie Magic was written by teacher Bill Greene. It's about the lessons you can learn from movies. Students learned several songs and dances for the performance.
Pi is an important number, but it goes on forever. Our students competed to see how many digits they could memorize and recite. Fifth grader Hadley Golden won with 520 digits!
This play, written by teacher Allie Hyer, follows the adventures of two students who travel through the decades to discover a love of reading. Third graders read a variety of genres during the school year, and each is represented in the play.

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