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We celebrated the different countries represented by our school's families at Bright World Night, organized by the Parents' Association. There were 17 countries and Hawaii at the event.
Third graders in Math Academy created toys using materials provided in the classroom and presented them to the Bright School Shark Tank. Materials included items such as small motors, magnets, pipe cleaners and plastic wheels.
Bright is helping BRITE in Haiti feed its students over the summer. During Bright World Week, we raised money through a walk-a-thon to help the school provide food during the summer.
First grades gave "a piece of my heart" artwork to residents at Brookdale Assisted Living for their community service project this year. The students and residents seemed to enjoy each other.
Bright World Week celebrates the variety of cultures and nationalities represented by our students' families. There are activities held throughout the week to help students appreciate different cultures, histories and backgrounds.
Bird researchers from Guatemala visiting Chattanooga to track the Louisiana waterthrush with the Tennessee River Gorge Trust spoke to fifth graders about the work they are doing to protect birds and their habitats.

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