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Fifth graders and teachers played volleyball outdoors on the field to continue a longstanding tradition started more than 40 years ago. It is usually played in the gym, but the weather was perfect.
This is the Parents’ Association’s largest fundraiser of the year. Families are encouraged to participate by sharing the catalog and website with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. The sale ends October 4.
Our youngest students spend dedicated time each week learning through gardening, playing in the mud kitchens, taking trail walks in the woods, and exploring all of the green space that our campus offers.
Thanks to parents who gave to the Bright Fund, all students enjoyed a fun Friday with Splash Day! We reached 90% parent participation and 100% faculty and staff participation.
Last year, we had 100% participation for faculty, staff and the board of trustees and 95% participation for parents in the Bright Fund. Let's get 100% across the board this year. Give Today!
Sra. Cindy Avendano, who has taught Spanish at Bright since 2016, is a new American citizen. She and her husband and their two daughters were naturalized in a ceremony on Tuesday in Nashville.
We're starting school with two Phase-In Days this year. Half of each classroom comes on Thursday and the other half on Friday. Teachers and students are getting to know each other, and learning and playtime is already starting!

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