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Third graders are raising money to virtually adopt a koala in Australia named Jimmie Jams. Koalas are endangered due to the bush fires in the country. Students are selling koala pencil toppers each morning.
Bright is surrounded by trees and plants with many birds and wildlife, and now we're officially a Schoolyard Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife program. Our grounds provide food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise young.
PK incorporated their study of night and day and the solar system with their scheduled outside day by helping build a campfire and roasting marshmallows over it. Students gathered sticks and watched a teacher light the fire and demonstrate how it grows.
Classes resume on January 7. We're excited to begin the second year of our Building a Bright Future capital campaign.
Anna Holt Danau ’98 took a chance to move to a country she had never visited and ended up starting her own company and, in her spare time, starring in a children’s show on YouTube.
This year's spelling bee lasted a marathon 33 rounds. Fifth grader Matilda Joels, last year's winner, repeated by correctly spelling fungi. Classmates Miriam Fazio-Vives and Vishnu Vardhana also will go to the zone bee.

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