Parents' Association Fundraiser

Fall 2022

Charleston Wrap

The Parents' Association's biggest fundraiser of the year is Charleston Wrap. Families are encouraged to participate by sharing the catalog and website with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. Proceeds from Charleston Wrap have been used in the past to fund the weatherization of Peeples Pavilion, dining room and kitchen renovation, bathroom improvements and classroom upgrades.

THANK YOU! We exceeded our goal!

Did you miss Charleston Wrap or want to order more? Click here to order online. All orders still benefit Bright School.

Get Started

Each student will receive a packet containing a catalog, order form, a prize poster, and an instruction sheet.

Online Registration

Online orders are the way to go! Go to and click on "Register Participant" to register each child in your family. Use the school ID: 11323.

Use the Easy-Email-Invite Generator to send emails to friends and family, inviting them to shop and support Bright School. You also have access to unique invite links via text and social media. Each child will have a sales dashboard to keep track of online purchases.

Items that are personalized must be ordered online. There are some items that are only available online.

Online orders are subject to sales tax and shipping costs. Orders may be shipped directly to your customers. Free shipping is available for orders of $98 or more.

Order Forms

If you are using the paper order forms, total all your orders and submit one check payable to The Bright School. Your customers write checks to you or pay cash to you. Do not collect sales tax.

Orders made on the paper forms will be shipped to the school.


All online orders are shipped directly to customers. If a customer would like the items shipped to the school, please use the paper order forms.

A delivery date for the items shipped to the school will be announced later. Online items will be shipped as they are available.


Instant Prize -- register online and send emails to friends and family to receive emoji pencil toppers

School-wide Prize -- Chick-fil-a for lunch for the whole school if the goal of $50,000 in total sales is met. 

Grand Prizes -- the top three earners will choose from one of these prizes:

  • $250 Visa gift card
  • Design and name your own ice cream at Milk & Honey
  • $300 Learning Express gift card and private shopping experience in the store


The PA chairs for Charleston Wrap are:

Emmie Treadwell and Alden Raulston

Send questions to [email protected] or [email protected]