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Message from the Head of School

I'm thrilled to welcome everyone to the start of Bright School's 106th year. As we gather this week to meet our new teachers and welcome the 93 new students and their families joining our community, I want to wish everyone a happy and successful new school year. I'm also looking forward to our students' laughter and excitement in the halls again. While we've been busy this summer, I always miss the spirit that only children can bring to a school.

Speaking of being busy, our staff has not taken much of a break this summer, as you'll see upon arriving on campus. Most obvious will be the work on our parking lot. We've been able to add a dozen new spaces along the edge of the field in addition to re-sealing and re-striping the entire lot. Also, please be warned that the new speed bumps will definitely get your attention. We've been hard at work in upgrading our fire and security system, adding new instructional spaces for the Cadek music program, thoroughly cleaning the entire school, and installing our new sign on Hixson Pike. Teachers have been pursuing professional development all the way from Columbia University in New York City to San Antonio, Texas. And we can't forget the wonderful trip to the United Kingdom with 12 fabulous Bright School students. Finally, admissions has been especially busy, as evidenced by all of the new students. Our student population is 339, as of this morning.

More than all of this, I'm happy to know that Bright School still lives out the mission Miss Bright established so many years ago. She saw her school fostering a joy of learning in her students, opening their minds and hearts to the larger world, and giving them opportunities to challenge themselves to reach their potential. As do we, she saw her work as one of the most noble of professions. I couldn't agree more.

I'll see you on Wednesday!
O.J. Morgan

Parking Spot Auction

Do you want to have a guaranteed parking spot every time you come to school, even for big events like Registration Day? Bid now on the best parking spot at school! The auction ends tonight at 9 p.m.

Show Your Love for Bright

Parents, show your love for Bright with a gift to the Bright Fund. You should have received a letter in the mail at home from Daniel and Carol Yim, our Bright Fund parent chairs. No matter the size of your gift, we want 100% parent participation from parents by August 24. Students will enjoy a splash-filled time on August 31 with waterslides, icy treats and a beach party. Click here to donate now.

Registration Day Schedule

Look for an email from your child's new teacher at approximately 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Grades K-5
8 a.m.- Shuttles begin from Stuart Heights Baptist Church
9 a.m. - Fair begins in gym
10 a.m. - Classrooms open

Grades JPK-PK
11:30 a.m. - Come to the fair in the gym
Noon - Classrooms open

Attention JPK and PK parents: Plan to park at Stuart Heights Baptist Church and ride the shuttle to campus. There likely will not be parking on campus due to the overlap in registration times.

Students do not wear uniforms on Registration Day.

For all forms and supply fees due on Registration Day, please visit the webpage. Note: Immunization records need to be on a Tennessee form.

Show Your Bright Spirit on Social Media

We know you take lots of pictures on Registration Day and the first day of school. Get rewarded for posting them on Facebook or Instagram and win a prize!

On Facebook, post your photos from Registration Day and the first day of school and tag The Bright School in your post. If you don't tag @TheBrightSchool, we can't see your post.

On Instagram, post your photos, use the hashtags #brightregistration and #brightfirstday and mention @thebrightschool so we can see your post.

Winners will be selected randomly to receive gift certificates to the Bright 1913 Bookstore.

Phase-In Days for JPK, PK and Kindergarten

Phase-in days are August 16 and 17. Students in JPK, PK and kindergarten will be assigned to attend school on one of those days. You will receive an individual email telling you which day to come. These are regular school hours: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for JPK and PK and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for kindergarten.

If your child needs to stay past 1 p.m. or 3 p.m., he or she may stay in Bright Afternoons as late as 6 p.m.

If you need child care on the day that is not your child's phase-in day, your child is welcome to come all day to Bright Afternoons. There will be a sign up for this on Registration Day in your child's classroom.

Car Line Do's and Don'ts

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines for car line:

DON'T block the driveway of the first house on the right on McDade Lane. Please leave room for our neighbors there to pull out of their driveway in the morning and afternoon.

DO have your child unbuckle his or her five-point harness before pulling up to let out your child. If your child cannot unbuckle it, please pull over into a parking space and unbuckle it for him or her. This will save time and keep the line moving.

DON'T use your mobile phone while in the car line in order to give your full attention to children and other vehicles.

DO observe the speed limit and follow the directions given by our traffic officer.

DON'T cut through other lanes in the parking lot. Follow the morning and afternoon car line routes pictured below.

DO avoid the rush! Arrive at school at 7:30 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. There is less traffic at these times.

Purchase Door Fobs

Parents are welcome to purchase fobs that unlock the front door during the day, meaning you can bypass having to buzz in and wait for the door to unlock. If you would like a fob, contact Ms. Janie in the front office. The fobs are $9 each.

The front door at the columns are locked most of the day. They are unlocked between 7:30-8 a.m. during arrival and 2:30-3 p.m. during dismissal. They are locked from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The office closes at 4 p.m., and no one can buzz in or use a fob after that time. Bright Afternoons is open until 6 p.m. through the ECC building, and after school class pick ups are on the concourse or ECC.

Bright Afternoons

What is your child doing after school? Sign up for Bright Afternoons, which is available until 6 p.m. The sign-up forms for JPK-PK and K-5 are available on the Bright Afternoons webpage. 

Also, Bright Afternoons will be available for JPK-K on Phase-In Days. If you would like your child to attend, please sign up in your child's classroom on Registration Day.

After School Classes

Sign up begins on Registration Day. Classes begin after Labor Day. Space is limited in some classes. Payment for the instructor (not to The Bright School) must be turned in with the registration form.

Visit the Bright Afternoons webpage for a full list and to download the registration forms.

New Parent Events

All new parents are strongly encouraged to attend the New Parent Orientation tomorrow, August 14, from 4-5 p.m. This is a great time to learn about the details of daily life at Bright including various procedures and policies. Enter the building at the columns entrance and join us in the Centennial Theater for a presentation and question-and-answer period. This is a parents-only event.

The Parents' Association is hosting a New Parent Coffee on Wednesday, August 22, at 8 a.m. or as soon as you drop off your child. Please come to the Dining Hall and meet other new parents and PA volunteers.

Volunteer to be a Grade Level Rep

The Parents' Association has changed the format of room reps. Instead of having volunteers from each classroom, there will be six representatives for each grade. Volunteers will have specific jobs among the six reps. Parents may sign up to be a grade rep on Registration Day on a sheet beside the classroom door.

To learn more about the responsibilities of the grade reps, please read the guidelines posted on the PA webpage. For more information, contact Lucy Sawrie at [email protected].

Library Volunteers and Birthday Books

The library is seeking volunteers to help each week and during the Book Fair, which will be in December. For more information, see the Library Volunteer form on the Registration Day webpage.

Another way to support the library is to donate books through the Birthday Book Club. With a $20 donation, books are given to the library in honor of your child. He or she will pick out the book and will be the first to check it out. Please send $20 and the Birthday Book Club form to the library or office by October 1.

For questions about volunteering or the birthday book club, please contact librarian Elizabeth Oakes at [email protected].

Register By August 15 for Cadek Music Lessons

Girls Preparatory School's Cadek Conservatory of Music is offering music lessons at Bright this fall. Registration is now open. Priority will be given to Bright students now through Registration Day. After that, lessons will be open to the community.

If you are interested in registering your child, the first step is to contact Cadek coordinator Marcy Wilson at [email protected] or 423-634-7694. She will answer all questions and place students with an instructor. After your child has been assigned an instructor, you may register your child on the Cadek website. You and your child's instructor will schedule the day and time for the music lesson. In the registration process, you will select Bright as the location.

Registration is available for the fall term, which begins August 13 and ends December 10. You may choose to register for the entire 17 weeks or for A term, which is the first nine weeks, or B term, which is the second eight weeks.

For more information about the Cadek Conservatory of Music at Girls Preparatory School, please visit the website.