Second graders learned about three countries Mr. Morgan visited with students during his time at Bright for their week in the Spring of Gratitude. They studied Germany, Mexico and Japan.

Second graders presented Mr. Morgan with flowers and a book about the world that will be donated to the library in his honor.

Mrs. White's class learned about Mexico and made a book with the facts they learned. They read the book to Mr. Morgan while he wore a sombrero in their classroom.

Mrs. Hurlbut's class learned about Germany and also made a book about what they learned. They read the book to him and presented him with a German flag blanket.

Mrs. O'Neal's class learned about Japan. They made origami cranes in a rainbow of colors and presented him with a shadowbox displaying their creations.

The finale of their week was a singing performance. They sang songs in German, Spanish and Japanese in the Centennial Theater. To watch the performance, click here.

Spring of Gratitude-Second Grade