We all love receiving letters in the mail. Third graders spread the joy through the Bright School post office. They collect, sort, nixie and deliver letters students write to each other throughout the school each week.

The Bright Post was started in 2011 by parent and trustee Julie Guerry, who oversaw the student workers through 2017. Librarian Elizabeth Oakes now works with the third graders each morning. Third grade classes take turns managing the post office each trimester.

Third graders apply for jobs at The Bright Post, including postmaster, pick up carriers, nixie clerks, cancellor/facer, sorters and delivery carriers. In their applications to the teacher, students describe why they want a certain job.  

Addressing an envelope is an important part of the post office experience. Each classroom has an address and mailbox. After letters are collected or dropped in the post office mail slot, the post office workers make sure each address is correct. Writing letters also teaches students the correct way to address letters and what to include in a letter. Third graders learn responsibility and earn greater independence while carrying out their jobs.

There are various times of the year when the post office is the busiest. Students write letters to each other after grade-level plays. Fifth graders write to their kindergarten buddies. Siblings and friends enjoy writing to each other as well. Ms. Oakes also assigns different classes to write to each other so students get to know others in lower and upper grades.