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Welcome to The Bright School

The Bright School was founded in 1913 by local educator Miss Mary G. Bright, who was head of the school until 1961. With an enrollment of more than 300 students in grades junior pre-kindergarten through fifth, Bright School seeks motivated students, offers a child-centered curriculum and develops in children a lifelong love of learning and a sense of responsibility that provides a critical foundation for their future endeavors.

Black History Month

Howard High graduates talk about the 1960 sit-in movement in Chattanooga.

Summer Program

Learn more about Bright Days, our new summer program for early learners. Registration is open.

Teacher Spotlight

 “I want the children to learn from me that it’s important to move and be active their entire lives," says Coach McDaniel.

Today, 2:57 PM ET
Enjoy Bright Days this summer without ever leaving Bright School. Instead of going on field trips, the field trips come to us. All activities take place at the school. No bus rides or packing bags or lunches to go. Interested? Register today to take advantage of the early bird discount through next Wednesday.
Today, 1:57 PM ET
Fifth graders in Mrs. Warren's class surveyed other classes and used the results to create double bar graphs. They asked questions like: What are your favorite sports to play? Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or Track and Where would you like to travel? NYC, Hawaii, Disney, or Alaska. Then the students surveyed themselves and made a double bar graph showing the preferences between their own class and the other class.
Today, 1:49 PM ET
Welcome back, Coach Connell! She's back this week after recovering from shoulder surgery. We missed you!
February 21, 2:57 PM ET
Some animals are easy to see, but some use camouflage to blend into their surroundings. Children will learn about camouflage, animal habitats and more this summer during Bright Days. Sign up now to take advantage of the early bird discount.
February 21, 1:55 PM ET
Throughout February, students in different grades have been learning about the contributions and impact of African Americans in our community and across the world. Today, our fifth graders learned about the sit-in movement in 1960 from two participants.
February 16, 11:13 AM ET
We finished out the week starting Winter Break with the annual Scooter Races. Very competitive races between the winners from each grade and lots of fun!
February 16, 11:09 AM ET
Our summer program is completely new and emphasizes outdoor play and enrichment. Read more and register at Early bird registration discount lasts until March 1. Questions?
February 16, 9:59 AM ET
Scooter Races
February 15, 10:14 AM ET
Head of School for the Day is George, a second grader. He got to open car doors in the car line, speak on WTBS and introduce the first grade's play.
February 15, 10:11 AM ET
Second grader Lucinda is Ms. Janie for the day! She got to ring the bell and answer the phone.
Winter Admissions Open House
8:30 a.m. | Library
Second Grade Play
8:15 a.m. | Centennial Theater
Second Grade Play
8:15 a.m. | Centennial Theater
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