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Welcome to The Bright School

The Bright School was founded in 1913 by local educator Miss Mary G. Bright, who was head of the school until 1961. With an enrollment of more than 300 students in grades junior pre-kindergarten through fifth, Bright School seeks motivated students, offers a child-centered curriculum and develops in children a lifelong love of learning and a sense of responsibility that provides a critical foundation for their future endeavors.

Let Peace Begin With Me

"MLK Day is a time when we can pause to remember the unbelievable opportunity we all share to live together in peace and with mutual respect."

Summer Program

Bright Days is our new summer program for early learners.

Teacher Spotlight

“What I enjoy most ... is simply being a part of a wonderful community," says Richard Parks

How Do You Spell ... 

Top three finishers in spelling bee move to the next round. They are "compatriots."

Today, 10:50 AM ET
Throughout the day, students are posting their peace doves on the office windows. They have written words of peace or what they think it means to be peaceful on the doves.
Today, 8:34 AM ET
Our theme for today is peace in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you would like to sign our pledge (see photo below), please like or share this post.
January 13, 3:25 PM ET
Today was the first annual Fifth Grade vs. Faculty Basketball Game. Looks like a great new tradition! Groups of five students and five faculty played four-minute mini games.
January 13, 10:36 AM ET
The turkeys are taking over! In recent days, the school has been the host to several turkeys, who seem to enjoy our hospitality and curiosity.
January 13, 10:29 AM ET
What a great time for our fifth graders to read to their kindergarten buddies!
January 13, 9:01 AM ET
Thank you Bright School families! There were 2,045 canned goods collected this morning and taken to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. We are looking forward to this afternoon's Fifth Grade vs. Faculty Basketball Game and all the students who will get front-row seats!
January 12, 3:56 PM ET
Log onto Facebook on Monday afternoon to watch our Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration.
January 12, 10:29 AM ET
Read more about spelling bee winner Talia Joels and her "compatriots" at today's bee.
January 12, 10:00 AM ET
The championship word of this year's Bright School spelling was compatriots. The winner was Talia Joels; second place was Noor Ali and third was Sebastian Hilles Moya. Those three will represent Bright School in the private school/home school bee in February. Congratulations!
January 12, 8:32 AM ET
We are getting ready to start the spelling bee with fourth and fifth grade spellers.
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Third Grade Play
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First Grade Play
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