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Supplemental Math for Grades K-5

Sunshine Math is a voluntary program offered by the Kilbride Enrichment Center. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are encouraged to participate. It provides an ongoing opportunity throughout the school year for students to sharpen their mathematical problem solving skills. 

New this Year:

  • Problems can be downloaded and printed to work on independently at a student's own pace
  • To establish a consistent routine, students may wish to complete a few questions during homework time each day.
  • An answer key can be downloaded to check answers.
  • Students will not turn in problem sets at this time

Grade levels are assigned to a planet of our solar system. Please use the list below for guidance on where to start.

Mercury – Kindergarten 

Venus – First

Earth – Second

Mars – Third

Jupiter – Fourth

Saturn – Fifth

Questions about Sunshine Math? Contact Me.

Noelle Coleman

Kilbride Enrichment Center

Joined Bright faculty in 2015
B.S., Lee University
M.S., Lee University

Sunshine Math Complete Sets

Sunshine Math Answer Keys

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