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Supplemental Math for Grades K-5

Sunshine Math is a voluntary program offered by the Kilbride Enrichment Center. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are encouraged to participate. It provides an ongoing opportunity throughout the school year for students to sharpen their mathematical problem solving skills. 

How does my child participate in Sunshine Math? 

  • Problems can be downloaded and printed each month.   
  • New problems are posted on the first day of each month through the last day of the month for students to complete at their own pace.  For example, weeks 1 – 4 will be available from September 1 through September 30.  
  • Students complete and turn in sets of problems each week in baskets (located at the main office and at the front desk of the Early Childhood Center).     
  • Students will experience the most success by completing each week in order, as problems increase in difficulty.  
  • To establish a consistent routine, students may wish to complete a few questions during homework time each day and turn in each week’s set on the same day every week. 
  • Completed sets will be collected each Friday and returned the following week. The amount of points earned for each set will be written at the top of paper.  
  • Students who maintain consistent participation will have their photos featured on the Sunshine Math bulletin board.  Points earned will be added each week! 

Grade levels are assigned to a planet of our solar system. Please use the list below to determine where your child should begin. We recommend that you print a full month's set of problems at a time, as they will be replaced by the first of each month.

Mercury – Kindergarten 

Venus – First

Earth – Second

Mars – Third

Jupiter – Fourth

Saturn – Fifth

Questions about Sunshine Math? Contact Me.

Noelle Coleman

Kilbride Enrichment Center

Joined Bright faculty in 2015
B.S., Lee University
M.S., Lee University

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