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Phase-In Days

August 18-21

Due to COVID-19, there is no school-wide Registration Day this year, but we are having a meet and greet for parents and teachers during the phase-in days.

All grades will have phase-in days, August 18-21. Students will be assigned a day to attend school that week. There will be about four students in each class per day. Each phase-in day is a full school day, and students wear uniforms. Parents will receive an email notifying of them of the assigned phase-in days. Siblings will be grouped on the same day. Teachers will send personal notes to each student in the mail to introduce themselves.

There will be no Bright Afternoons during the phase-in days. Bright Afternoons will begin on Monday, August 24.

There is a parent meet and greet each morning from 8-8:30 a.m. on the assigned phase-in day. See below for where to meet for each grade. Parking is available in the parking lot.

Grades JPK, PK and kindergarten: parents may accompany the child to his or her classroom by using the outside doors to each room. There will be temperature checks for all parents accompanying children, and face coverings are required. After leaving the classroom, parents should go to the Mondo to purchase rest mats. The mats will then be delivered to the classrooms. Rest mats are $40 each, and the cost will be charged on the FACTS account.

Grades 1-5: Parents will not enter the building. There are places set aside for each grade to meet. After the meet and greet is over at 8:30 a.m., classes will dismiss to the classroom and parents will leave until dismissal time at 3 p.m.
First grade: Concourse
Second grade: Left side of courtyard
Third grade: Right side of courtyard
Fourth grade: Flag court on the Hill playground
Fifth grade: Peeples Pavilion

Fall 2020

Forms and Payment

There are several forms and payments due in August.

All students must have an updated immunization form on file by Registration Day. Students in grades JPK, PK and kindergarten and any new students should receive a new form from their pediatrician when immunizations are updated each year. New forms are not required after students have completed immunizations. Immunization records need to be on a Tennessee form. Please send immunization forms to Nurse Rachel Gentry at [email protected].

Medical Forms are due Friday, August 7. All forms are online except the Epi-Pen and Inhaler Action Plans. Click below to access the forms. Email the Epi-Pen and Inhaler forms, if they apply to your child, to Rachel Gentry at [email protected] or print them and return to the school office by the deadline.
Information Forms are due Friday, August 14. All of these forms are online.

School Supplies

Bright students do not need to purchase school supplies. All the supplies students need will be purchased by teachers and covered by the supply fee each family pays.

JPK and PK students are given a book bag to use for school. Students in grades K-5 may use any backpack or bag of their choice.

Grades JPK-K do need rest mats, and those are purchased through the school during Phase-In Days.

Supply fees will be drafted through each family's FACTS account on Friday August 7. Families who do not have a FACTS account need to turn in payment on Registration Day. For questions, please contact Sabrina McAllister at [email protected].
The fees are as follows:
JPK: $50
PK, K, 1, 2: $120
3 & 4: $125
5: $145

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