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Bright World

Bright World Week April 17-21, 2023

Bright World is a celebration of all the countries and cultures represented by our families at Bright School. It's held every other year, alternating with Bright Fit, and planned by the Parents' Association.

Assembly and Bright World Night on April 20

Students will learn about different cultures throughout the week during lunch, P.E. and in the classroom. There is an all-student assembly Thursday morning. The week culminates in Bright World Night on Thursday, April 20, from 5-7 p.m. Plan to bring the whole family for a wonderful evening of activities and delicious food. 

At Bright World Night, stations with displays from 21 countries will be set up in the gym. Our families have volunteered to decorate their stations, provide information and even some small bites to taste a favorite dish. Students will receive a Bright World passport book to take to each station to get a stamp, and their passport photo will be taken. At the end of their world tour, if they have visited every country, they can enter their name into a drawing for one of the great prizes displayed. The drawing will be on Friday, and the winners will be announced in school. 

There will be several food trucks selling dinner items, and water will be provided.

If you would like your child to dress in ethnic clothes for the morning assembly or to help out in the evening, contact Kim Brown at  


Volunteer During P.E.

Children around the world love to play games, and so do we! Parents are invited to attend P.E. classes throughout the week and volunteer to teach games from their home or adopted countries. Use this link to sign up.


Plant Sale

Lynn Shelton, our eco-literacy instructor in early childhood, will be selling vegetable and flower plants during Bright World Night. Many of the plants have cultural connections to the countries represented. Fill your yard and garden with these wonderful plants and help support the Bright School Gardens!


Fifth Grade Project to Help South Sudan

Fifth graders will be hosting a station at Bright World Night all about the nation of South Sudan. Students have learned about this amazing African country in both reading and writing class this year, especially through the texts "Home of the Brave" and "A Long Walk to Water." They how the people living in South Sudan struggle to access clean water. The station will educate families about the water crisis and the Iron Giraffe Challenge, in which they are raising money to provide a water well in a village. Bring money if you would like to donate. 


Thank you to the Bright World committee Ashvini Vardhana (Chair), Christelle Von Schultz and Kristina Cofield, and PA President Dorothy Caplenor.