Students memorized digits of pi and recited them to see who knows the most digits. Winners got to choose their favorite teacher to pie in the face during a live broadcast of WTBS.

WTBS is broadcast from the theater every Wednesday morning. Fifth graders take turns making announcements during the broadcast to all the classrooms. This time, there was a live audience in the theate to watch the festivities.

Second grader Roger Caputo was the overall school winner with 194 digits of pi. He chose to pie Coach Bobby, and it looks like he may have practiced a little bit.

The winners and their victims, er, favorite teachers are Julia in PK and shop teacher Mr. Parks, Brynlee in kindergarten and Mr. Bill, Kean in first grade and Mrs. McNeel, Sydney in third grade and Head of School Mrs. Watts, Tommy in fourth grade and Mrs. Dickson, and Zoan in fifth grade and Mrs. Hyer.

Pi Day is a tradition at Bright School held on March 14 each year.

To watch the broadcast, click here.