Visitors from La Paz Chattanooga talked to fifth graders about their home countries of Mexico and Guatemala. They focused on their favorite foods and holidays.

Learning other languages helps people understand and appreciate other cultures, they said.

Diana talked about her home in Mexico, where she recently visited to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Another favorite holiday is Rosca de Reyes on January 6 when children open presents and each bread that contains three baby Jesus figures. Many Americans believe Cinco de Mayo marks Mexican independence, but Dia de la Independenica is actually September 16. Diana says she enjoys tamales, corundas and pozole.

Jessica talked about her home in Guatemala. She said many Guatemalans in Chattanoga are Mayan descendants and speak different dialects. She talked about celebrating Semana Santa, a holy week in which colorful designs are made on the streets out of colored sawdust and flowers. Dia de todos los Santos is like Day of the Dead on November 1. She enjoys tamales, tostadas and pepian.