A group of students and young alumni explored Italy this summer with Head of School O.J. Morgan, Assistant Head of School Christy Lusk and librarian Elizabeth Oakes.

They flew from Atlanta to Rome and spent three days in Rome, visiting the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, and Roman Forum. They took a cooking class and learned how to make gelato and pasta.

The group took a train to Florence, where they walked through the city. Then they traveled by bus for two hours through the Tuscan countryside to La Spezia, where they took a boat to Le Cinque Terre, the five towns along the Mediterranean coast.

Another train took them to Venice and visited the major sites such as St. Mark's Square. Mr. Morgan wrote in this blog: "We took a picture in the exact spot where Miss Bright was photographed, although we're weren't allowed to feed the pigeons as she obviously had been able to do. Just adjacent to the Square is the edge of St. Mark's canal, the wide body of water across which one can see four beautiful and grand churches, each serving a different island."

They watched glass blowers and took a boat ride through the city.

"We topped off our last evening of the trip with rides on gondolas through some of the narrow canals. It was a beautiful evening with church bells ringing along the way and the light of the setting sun highlighting the beauty of the Rialto Bridge and the many old buildings that make Venice such a magical city," Mr. Morgan wrote.

Read more about the trip on the blog: https://abrightitaly.blogspot.com/