Teachers donned formal attire and welcomed students to the Chateau Le Gym for a lesson in manners at the table and proper conversation. This week students in grades 1-5 practiced good behavior they discuss in their classrooms and table manners during P.E.

Coach Jeff McDaniel, wearing a tuxedo, led the classes through a primer on how to cut food with a knife and fork, where to put the utensils when not eating and what to do with them after the meal is completed. Then students sampled chicken tenders and cut them with the utensils. Coach Ashley Linehart and school counselor Rachel Blanton assisted with help from Director of Advancement Kim Brown and PA volunteers Dorothy Caplenor, Heidi Caputo, Lauren Boehm, Carol Yim, and Lucy Sawrie.

Yesterday, students had an etiquette lesson with Sally Daughtery, who talked about how to have a good converation at the table, how to introduce people to each other and how to shake hands. Students got to practice each skill.

On Wednesday, coaches McDaniel and Linehart discussed proper behavior in the hallway, dining hall, front office areas and restrooms.