Toss the ball through the hoop, ring the bell and hop on one foot. If you translated Spanish sentences correctly, these are some of the activities you might have done in P.E. today. Spanish in P.E. is a fun day when two special area classes come together. Students in grades 1-5 were divided into groups of four and had to translate Spanish sentences into English, tell the translation to Sra. Avendano or Sra. Rodriguez, do the activity and then choose another sentence.

Teams tried to see how many sentences they could translate during P.E. class. The teams with the most sentences got stickers that they have been accumulating for El Mercado next week. Through the year, students earn stickers that determine how many pesos they can use to buy items in the Spanish market during class.

In the gym, teams ran back and forth across the gym to study translation guides to help them with certain words. They ran to the teachers and darted around to do the various activities.

Earlier this year, music teacher Stephanie Bowling led a music in P.E. class.