We are welcoming 11 new faculty and staff members this fall.

Seated: Elizabeth Jackson, receptionist; Cindy Beirne, music; Teresa Vidal, Spanish; Delaney Driver, kindergarten assistant, and Sydney Graham, kindergarten assistant. Standing: Ashley Linehart, P.E.; Marla McDaniel, speech-language pathologist; Kelly Jennings, nurse and secretary; Molly Young, kindergarten assistant; Claudia Dickerson, PK assistant, and Matt Lauer, fifth grade math.

Sra. Teresa Vidal will be teaching Spanish daily to JPK, PK and kindergarten students. Sra. Vidal will be teaching 20 minutes daily for JPK and 25 minutes daily for PK and kindergarten. A native of Colombia, she was a kindergarten assistant in Georgia for 10 years and recently was a substitute and Spanish tutor at St. Peter's.
Mrs. McDaniel fills a new position for an on-site speech-language pathologist. She provides screenings, evaluations, and therapy sessions during school hours.
Mrs. Beirne served as an interim for Stephanie Bowling last spring. Mrs. Beirne has been teaching music for more than 25 years. She taught for six years at Chattanooga Christian School before coming to Bright.
The new fifth grade math teacher is Matt Lauer. He has 17 years' experience in teaching and comes from Webb School in Knoxville. Mr. Lauer and Amanda Angel, who teaches fourth grade math, will share the responsibilities for teaching Math Academy.
Ashley Linehart is the new P.E. teacher with Coach Jeff McDaniel. Coach Linehart taught P.E. at GPS and coached track, cross country, soccer and lacrosse.