We're now in the second year of the three-year Building a Bright Future capital campaign. This means we are planning for the renovations that will happen this summer. The 1987 wing, which includes fourth and fifth grade classrooms, will be updated. Thanks to the great work of the Parents' Association's Charleston Wrap fundraiser, we have a head start on purchasing furniture for the fourth grade classrooms.

Before the break, Head of School O.J. Morgan wrote to parents:

As 2019 comes to a close, I want everyone to know how deeply grateful I am for all you have done for Bright School this year. Not only have you given generously of your time and treasure, but you have helped to build a joyful and caring spirit in our community. Our children deserve no less.
I'm also thrilled that we've been able to renovate our first, second, and third grade classrooms and hallways as part of our "Building a Bright Future" campaign. Our next phase this summer will address the needs of our fourth and fifth grades as well as some of our special area classrooms. I've been so heartened by the generosity of our donors, helping us raise $2.7 million toward a goal of $4 million, all in less than a year! As we move closer to that goal, which I invite everyone to support, we'll then be able to begin work on the gym and library. My dream before I retire at the end of next year is that we hand over to new leadership a Bright School at the top of its game. To get the best, we need to be the best.
I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. These times with your families are precious, and you have such fabulous children with whom to spend these days together. They bring a joy to my heart that I will carry with me the rest of my life and certainly an energy that will keep me young as long as time will allow. I'm a lucky school head!
Happy Holidays to everyone!