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Student reading a book on the floor


The Bright School builds a foundation upon which students become wise and compassionate citizens of the world. Its century of progress fosters the intellectual, artistic, physical, and moral growth of young boys and girls.


Bright Seeks

  • Motivated students and families willing to engage in a program created to educate the whole child 
  • A school community of diverse cultural, racial, religious and economic backgrounds 

Bright Offers

  • A safe environment in which each child can flourish 
  • An innovative, child-centered curriculum designed to stimulate critical thinking, creative inquiry, intellectual achievement, physical and moral development 

Bright Develops

  • A life-long love of learning
  • Individual potential and high personal expectations
  • Leaders with integrity
  • A strong sense of responsibility for one's self, one's community, and the natural world


  • Integrity 
  • Compassion 
  • Curiosity 
  • Respect 
two students are reading separately