Children in our pre-kindergarten program are active, creative and curious young learners. Our teachers foster their social, emotional and cognitive development through imagination, discovery and play. The program includes daily Spanish lessons and a rotation of P.E., music, library, art, and shop. The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. although students may stay longer in Bright Afternoons.

There are three classes of PK taught by a lead teacher and assistant. Emily Hon, a 1986 graduate of Bright School, has been teaching at her alma mater since 1998. “I am beginning to read familiar names and see familiar faces back on campus, but now as parents!” she said. Jill Johnson came to Bright in 2018 and has been teaching early childhood for 15 years. This is Jasmine White’s first year teaching PK, but she previously taught kindergarten and was a PK assistant at Bright.

What do you like best about teaching PK?

“It is inspiring to be a witness to a child acquiring the skills to solve problems both academically and socially. The building of confidence, both as a student and friend, gives the student such a newfound independence and pride,” Miss Emily said.

“I get to see the world through the eyes of children every day, investigate alongside them, and nurture their sense of wonder,” said Mrs. Jill.

“I love the excitement of PK and how eager my children are to explore the unknown to find out more! Their imaginations are limitless, and they use that to investigate the things around them to find out more about the world,” said Mrs. Jasmine.

What are some of the highlights of the PK year? There are several events and activities that are traditions in our PK program, and some of those will be modified or may not take place this year because of COVID-19. Every day, however, there are plenty of highlights.

“There are so many awesome things that come out of PK, my favorite being their growth. It is truly amazing to see how much they grow with their letter knowledge, handwriting skills, and maturity throughout our time together. They enjoy challenges and learning new things, which makes my job all the more exciting!” said Mrs. Jasmine.

“Throughout the PK year, we work to become independent problem solvers, gain the courage to try challenging things, and become strong contributors to our learning community. We have several seasonal traditions. My favorite is the Thanksgiving Feast where the children are involved in the whole planning process,” said Mrs. Jill.

What is some advice you would like to give parents about what to expect or how to support their children in PK?

“I hope parents find opportunities to encourage children to do more things on their own. I have found that, especially regarding self-care like putting on jackets and opening milk at lunch for example, children are much more capable than we give them time and credit for,” said Miss Emily. 

“Parents can best support their PK students by encouraging them to make mistakes and teaching them how we can learn from them, allowing them room to use their imagination freely and openly, and giving them a sense of ownership in allowing them to guide their learning. The moral of it all, allowing their child to freely be a kid!” said Mrs. Jasmine.

“Try not to compare your child to other children. Each child enters PK with his or her own unique strengths and talents that will be celebrated and built upon throughout the school year,” said Mrs. Jill.

Why should parents enroll their child at Bright?

“I think that our students are so lucky that their exploration and learning is not limited to the four walls of their classroom, and I love that our campus is surrounded by woods that can easily and safely accessed by classes of any age,” Miss Emily said.

“Bright values both education and the social/emotional learning of each child who enters our doors. It is that concern for the whole child that allows students to feel loved and supported. It is an environment built on the foundation of support and love. It does not get much better than that,” said Mrs. Jasmine.

“The Bright School is committed to partnering with families to provide the best educational experience possible for students. We understand the importance of social/emotional learning as well as an outstanding academic experience. When your child enters the doors of Bright, he or she will feel important, valued, and heard,” said Mrs. Jill.