Fifth graders were honored today at the annual Fifth Grade Recognition Assembly.

Lila Taslimi, Riya Sekhar and Liam Tabibiazar led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to start the program. The fifth grade and fourth grade hand bell groups and the Bright School Chorus performed during the ceremony. William Arnold and Pei-Ying Olsen gave Spanish orations.

Fifth graders were recognized for their involvement in after school activities, sports, music groups and lessons, and Advanced Spanish and the German program.

The fifth grade awards included:

Linda Mines, regent of the Chief John Ross Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Chattanooga and Hamilton County historian, presented two DAR awards.

For the DAR Citizenship Award, students were given this prompt to write an essay about citizenship:

“Throughout the fifth grade year, classes discuss many character traits and shared responsibilities that help each of us to be good citizens in our school, community and country. Describe a good citizen and some of the character traits he/she possess. Include a personal experience or event when you felt a sense of pride being a citizen of our country.” This year’s winner is Alba Ortega MacLean.

For the DAR History Award, students were given this prompt to write an essay about history:

“After learning about various wars in which the United State has been involved, how do you think these conflicts changed the lives of some or all Americans? Give specific examples to support your thoughts.”

This year’s winner is Riya Sekhar.

Erin Worthington ’95 presented the Helen C. Murray Geography Award on behalf of her family. Mrs. Murray taught sixth grade at Bright School from 1979 to 1998. The award is based on a deep understanding of geography and an appreciation of other world cultures. Students were administered a national level geography test with the highest score chosen for this award. This year’s winner is Lila Montgomery.

Austin Center ’85 presented the Center Community Service Award in honor of his siblings Sherman, Trent and Celeste, who all graduated from Bright. It is awarded to a fifth grader who demonstrates a commitment to volunteerism, and realizes community service not only enhances our community, but also enriches our lives. This year’s recipient is Lauren Reisman. Lauren and her family shelter and rehabilitate rescue puppies and dogs. Lauren’s love for animals, especially those in need, motivated her to additionally help McKamey Animal Shelter.  Lauren began making jewelry and developed her own business that raises money to donate to McKamey.

The fifth grade teachers presented the President’s Education Excellence Awards.

The President's Education Awards Program was founded in 1983 and honors graduating elementary, middle and high school students for their achievement and hard work. The President's Education Awards Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. It was developed to help schools recognize and honor students who have achieved high academic goals through hard work and dedication to learning. Each year, thousands of elementary, middle, and high schools participate by recognizing deserving students.

To be eligible for this recognition students must meet the following criteria:

Students are to earn a cumulative grade point average of 90 or higher on a 100 point scale in reading, writing and math during 4th grade through the 2nd trimester of 5th grade.

Students must score 90% or higher in national norm rankings in Reading Comprehension or Mathematics 1&2 on the 5th grade ERB administered test this past January.

This year, Bright School has 24 fifth grade students who have achieved this high honor.

William Arnold

Phoenix Beasley

Davis Dillard

Cate Hemphill

Liam Jackson

Briley Kesler

Leighton Large

Olivia Lunn

Ellie Moore

Maddy O’Dell

Pei-Ying Olsen

Harrison Phillips

Waylyn Pullen

Lauren Reisman

Deaglan Roach

Evan Sanders

Charlie Scearce

Riya Sekhar

Thad Smith

Marshall Sommer

Liam Tabibiazar

Lila Taslimi

Harper Thomas

Anna Zmaj

Fourth grade award:

Bill Kilbride presented the Benjamin W. Kilbride Scholarship. Our family and the board of trustees created this scholarship in 2001 in memory of my son, Ben. The scholarship is awarded to a rising fifth grader who is a leader, takes and shows an interest in other students throughout the school, exhibits a contagious enthusiasm for life, and is a student in good standing.

This year’s winner is an outstanding student who embodies numerous exemplary character traits. The fourth grade teachers say this student is a friend to everyone and is always willing to assist a classmate or help a teacher. Whether it’s running an errand, getting all her work done, or helping out a friend in need, this student is an all round dependable person who cares deeply about those around her.

This student is a leader both in and out of the classroom and participates in several clubs, sports, and after school activities that keep her involved in the Bright community. She runs track and cross country, plays basketball, participates in gym sports, and attends both carpentry and China club.  This year’s winner is an all around fantastic student who is helpful, honest, dependable, hard working, and is a shining example of integrity in everything she does. This year’s winner is Mary Cleveland Oxford.

Lupton Winningham ’77 presented two new scholarships for rising fifth graders.

The Z. Lupton Patten Scholarship is in honor of my grandfather, who was truly devoted to Bright School. He served on the Board of Trustees from 1943 to 1958 and was a great friend and advisor to the school founder, Miss Bright. You can see his picture in the hallway outside the theater. This scholarship honors the top academic student in the fourth grade. This student has demonstrated overall excellence in all classes, earning the highest cumulative grade point average in reading, writing and math.

Teachers describe this student as “driven with her eyes set on achieving her goals. She always strives to do her best and goes above and beyond to learn everything she can in each subject. She continually devotes her time to her education, and her efforts shine through in the thoughtful work she produces in Math, Reading and Writing. She is a bright student with countless opportunities in front of her, and she is a girl who is willing to put in the work to make all her dreams come true.”

The inaugural recipient of the Z. Lupton Patten Scholarship is Mary Elizabeth Hicks.

The Douglas Beall Moore Jr. Sportsman Scholarship is in honor of Doug, who graduated from Bright School in 1981. He enjoyed sports and P.E. at Bright School. This scholarship is awarded to a fourth grade boy who exemplifies fair play and sportsmanship. This year’s winner participated in cross country, soccer, basketball, and track and has received the Bright Fit award. Students who receive the Bright Fit award display safety, positive attitude, listening skills, participation, leadership and sportsmanship.

This is what the P.E. coaches say about this year’s winner: “He comes to P.E. every day ready to learn, and most importantly have fun! His energy and competitive spirit are contagious, and he encourages those around him to give maximum effort and participate. His work ethic shows his dedication to improving himself each and every day!” The inaugural recipient of the Douglas Beall Moore Jr. Sportsman Scholarship is Keaton Furrow.

Recognition Day 2022