Members of the Class of 1972 returned to Bright School for their 50th reunion and enjoyed touring the school and visiting with former classmates and teachers.

Two of their teachers, who were both in their early 20s when they taught at Bright, joined the reunion -- Janet Reeve, sixth grade teacher, and Bill Wolcott, P.E. coach.

In 1972 and surrounding years, the grade was split into two classes with 25 students in each, and Bright School went to sixth grade, with many students graduating and continuing on to Baylor, McCallie and GPS.

The campus was different than it is today. Students moved to the current location in 1963, and the building that is now the library was the gym. The library was housed in the back of the cafeteria behind a curtain partition. Three buildings have been built since 1972 -- the gym, fourth and fifth grade classrom wing and Early Childhood Center.

Class of 1972 members wrote letters to the current fifth graders, and students created two posters of their favorite things about Bright to share with the reunion class. The class also completed a questionnaire to share with their classmates. Questions included What would your 12-year-old self think about your 62-year-old self? Does your 62-year-old self recognize your 12-year-old self? How have you most appreciated your Bright education? What was your favorite memory from Bright School? Who were your favorite teachers and why? Which of your manual training or art creations do you still have? Do you envy today's students or was our elementary school experience better back in our day? Can you remember the words to the Bright School Song? How many classmates have remained your lifelong friends? Any words of advice to graduating 5th graders?