Show Your Love for Bright and Give Today!
We’re off to a great start! This year, we encourage current parents to show your love for Bright School by giving your first gift to the Bright Fund
Achieving 100% parent participation is our goal. When we reach the goal, your children will enjoy a Chick-fil-A lunch on Friday, September 18! But this fun day will be cancelled if we don’t reach 90% participation. Help make it happen! IF WE REACH 100%, MR. MORGAN WILL KISS A LIVE COW!!!
Bright School is able to thrive and grow through your generosity, and every donation counts, no matter how large or small.  Your financial gift ensures that we can hire and retain expert teachers, provide financial aid, and support all aspects of a Bright School education from academics to arts to athletics. These are the things that make our school special. A gift of ANY AMOUNT ensures your family’s participation and a delicious & fun time for your child!
Click below to give online. All donors will receive a Bright green HOPE car magnet.
Help us achieve 100% participation in the Bright Fund by September 14! Give Today! Click here.