Kindergarten celebrated the Spring of Gratitude for Mr. Morgan by going birding. Mr. Morgan loves birds, and one of his favorite things to do is bird watching.

Mr. Morgan visited each of the three kindergarten classrooms while they decorated homemade binoculars. Then kindergarten visited his office and brought him a floral arrangement for his desk and a book to be donated to the library in his honor.

Next, each kindergartener painted a bird picture and presented it individually to Mr. Morgan in his office.

Then, taking what they have learned about birds, kindergarten took Mr. Morgan bird watching around the school. They saw cardinals, towhees, doves, wrens, an osprey, and the big highlight was two turkeys who visited the field.

Kindergarten finished the week by singing Lean on Me in the theater. They also presented Mr. Morgan with a painting they did of a cedar waxwing, his favorite bird, and a portrait of Mr. Morgan by Mr. Bill.

Here are videos from each day:



Bird Watching

Lean on Me

Spring of Gratitude-Kindergarten