Five fifth graders displayed their artistic talents during a recent school assembly. Instead of singing or playing an instrument, these students chose art as their talent to perform.

Traditionally, students have held a talent show after school, but this year, students are performing their talents during regularly-scheduled school assemblies called Bright Fest Friday. These fifth graders turned in artwork they wanted to display on the screen, and then they talked about why they drew what they drew. One said she got the idea of a woman in a red dress from looking for a special outfit while out shopping and seeing a woman wearing a red dress. Another got the idea to draw a young woman because she helped the student one time. A student drew a close-up of an eye to work on drawing eyes.

The students who participated were Adela Sewell, Brodi Headrick, Katherine Pipes, Miriam Fazio-Vives, and Tate Phillips.

Fifth Grade Art 2020