Students, faculty and staff voted in person or absentee via email for the library mascot. The race was narrowed to a choice between Buddy, the German Shepherd puppy, and Dolly Parton.

Buddy won the election by 18 votes, which were cast by putting colorful puff balls in boxes. The ballots were counted and recounted by fifth graders.

Third graders nominated Buddy after researching German Shepherds. They campaigned on the idea that it is fun to read while snuggling with a puppy. Unfortunately, the library will not get a real dog, but we will have a stuffed animal serve as the mascot.

Fourth graders nominated Dolly Parton because of her Imagination Library.

Each grade nominated a candidate: PK-Pete the Cat, Kindergarten-Spookley the Square Pumpking, First Grade-The Grinch, Second Grade-Mercy Watson the Pig, and Fifth Grade-Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series. Classrooms voted in the primary last week in their classrooms to narrow the choices to two.

Students visited the library to vote in person on Tuesday. Librarian Elizabeth Oakes, who served as Election Commissioner, collected the absentee ballots via Google Forms. Fifth graders worked the polls by checking off students on the voter registration list and handing out the puff balls and I Voted stickers.

Mr. Morgan thanked everyone for a great campaign and announced the winner in this video.

Election 2020