Did you know the type of flooring installed in a classroom can impact student performance and attendance?

Our renovations are replacing dated and hard tile floors with carpet, which has a direct and immediate impact our student's learning environment. 

Carpet keeps rooms feeling warmer than tile or wood, giving classrooms a more relaxed atmosphere to promote learning. This is especially helpful when teachers want to create small spaces for kids to sit with books for some personal reading time or for younger children to have play time. 

Classrooms are typically filled with large whiteboards, smart boards or projector screens, and hard plastic chairs and desks, all of which reflect sound. Installing carpet tiles can help minimize the echo and improve the sound quality of the room. 

Carpet improves indoor air quality. Research shows that walking on hard surfaces disturbs more particles. These particles become airborne and enter the breathing zone. In contrast, carpeted surfaces trap more particles, resulting in less dust in the air.

Pass by one of the first, second or third grade classrooms during the day, and you will likely see children sitting or lying on the floor while working with a partner or reading quietly. Our fourth and fifth graders will be the next students to benefit from these changes. Won’t you help us get started on phase 2 of the Building a Bright Future Capital Campaign?