The 2020 Election at Bright School will be the time to find a mascot for our library. Each grade has nominated a real, literary or made-up character to be the mascot. The election will be November 3.

Watch the videos for each nominee.

Fifth grade: Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series

Fourth grade: Dolly Parton

Third grade: Buddy, the German Shepherd puppy

Second grade: Mercy Watson the pig

First grade: The Grinch

Kindergarten: Spookley the Square Pumpkin

PK: Pete the Cat

Classrooms will hold a primary this week to help narrow the choices. The top two candidates will be announced on Friday. The election will take place in the library on November 3.

In 2016, students elected Hermoine Grainger as the school's president. A mascot for the library was chosen for the election because the library will be renovated this summer as part of the Building a Bright Future capital campaign.

Library Mascot Nominees 2020