Remember when Bright School set the world record for the biggest cookie mosaic in 2012? First grade celebrated this accomplishment during Mr. Morgan's tenure during their week in the Season of Gratitude.

The mosaic and cookie theme started on Monday with Mrs. Sharpe's class giving Mr. Morgan a plant for his desk, a letter from each child and the Guiness Book of World Records book that lists the school's achievement during the centennial year.

Next, Mrs. Evans' class presented mosaics each first grade class made with pictures drawn of themselves and a word that describes Mr. Morgan.

Mrs. Smith's class spelled MOON PIE with words that describe Mr. Morgan, and they gave him a Moon Pie gift basket and the ingredients to make his own moon pies at home.

Before Mr. Morgan went on the roof for the Read a Million Minutes challenge, the entire first grade gathered in the Centennial Theater on Thursday, which was proclaimed O.J. Morgan Day by Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger. The first graders read aloud a book they wrote and illustrated called If You Give Mr. Morgan a Moon Pie. Then, they sang a Thankful Song in his honor.

It was a wonderful tribute to Mr. Morgan!

Here are videos from the week:

Mrs. Sharpe-Letters

Mrs. Evans-Mosaic

Mrs. Smith-Moon Pie

Thankful Song

If You Give Mr. Morgan a Moon Pie

If You Give Mr. Morgan a Moon Pie by the 20-21 First Grade

If you give Mr. Morgan a Moon Pie, he might ask for a cup of coffee to drink with it.
If you give Mr. Morgan a cup of coffee, then he will want to drink it while relaxing in his easy chair.
If he is relaxing in his easy chair, he may start looking out the window and watching the bird.
While he is watching the birds, he may notice how pretty it is outside and decide to take his dogs Nigel and Sugar for a walk.
When he is taking his dogs for a walk, they may see a squirrel and start chasing it into the garden!
When he is in the garden, he may see a butterfly flying into the sky.
As he watches the colorful butterfly flying away, it reminds him of his hot air balloon ride at Bright School.
While thinking of the hot air balloon floating through the sky, he thinks about all of his travels around the world with Bright School children.
As he remembers all of his travels around the world, it reminds him of the Bright World international nights and all of the delicious food served there.
Thinking about all of this delicious food will probably make him hungry. And chances are if he is hungry,  he will ask you for a Moon Pie!

Season of Gratitude-First Grade