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Charleston Wrap 2016 

The Parents' Association's biggest fundraiser of the year is Charleston Wrap. A major portion of the funds from this year's campaign will be used for cafeteria equipment. Families are encouraged to participate by sharing the catalog and website with friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. When you order two or more items, you receive a free digital Cooking Light Cookbook.

How to Log Into the Online Catalog

After you click on the link above, you may order items that benefit the school as a whole or are counted toward a specific student's contest total.

Our school's online ID is z-9207

Parents register their students at Your student's unique 7-digit code for online sales is pre-printed on the order form parents receive. After registering, share your student's code with friends and family via social media and send out email invitations to shop.

Personalized and online only items can only be purchased online.

Student Contest

Sales and orders collected between Sept. 19 and Oct. 3 will be counted toward a student's contest total. Students who sell the most will win big prizes!

Paper order forms are due Oct. 3. All money and the top two copies of the order form need to be turned in by this date. Do not collect sales taxes. Additional order forms are available in the office. Parents should submit one check payable to The Bright School for all paper orders. Please h ave your individual customers make their checks out to you.

No door-to-door sales.


Contact PA Charleston Wrap chairs Lucy Sawrie or Mary Catherine Robbins.