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Parent and Student Handbook

Our handbook contains all the policies and procedures for our Bright School community. You may download a version of the handbook from the menu on the left of this page.

Food Allergy Policy

The Bright School recognizes there are students with life-threatening allergies to certain foods such as peanuts, tree nuts and milk. The school strives to create and maintain a healthy and safe school environment for all students. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, students and families to support practices that reduce exposure to allergens and promote the health and comfort of all students.

Parents should notify the school of any food allergies upon enrollment to the school. The student health profile section of the annual enrollment contract for junior pre-kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten provides a place to list allergies. The perpetual enrollment contract for grades first through fifth includes a similar student health profile section. Families should keep allergy information updated and inform the school when a new allergy is diagnosed. The school nurse annually reviews student information and will make sure families also have submitted a Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (FARE). See the Epi-Pen Policy in the handbook for more information.

This food allergy policy is posted on the school website, and reminders to faculty, staff and parents are distributed at the beginning of each school year.


  • The cafeteria is a nut-free zone. No food in the cafeteria contains peanuts or tree nuts. 
  • Milk is served in the cafeteria, however, the school nurse, teachers and cafeteria staff work with individual students to reduce exposure, provide food alternatives and promote safety.
  • If other food allergies exist, the school nurse, teachers and cafeteria staff work with individual students to reduce exposure, provide food alternatives and promote safety.
  • Sodexo, the school’s cafeteria vendor, provides snacks for the school. These snacks follow the same guidelines as above.
  • Students in junior pre-k bring lunches from home and eat in their classrooms. These lunches must be nut-free. Should other allergies be present, teachers and parents work together to create a safe environment for all students.

Classrooms, Class and Grade Parties/Functions

  • Throughout the school year, there may be special activities outside the cafeteria that include food. Foods with peanuts and tree nuts are not allowed at these functions. 
  • The school nurse, teachers and families must work together to ensure food brought to these functions is safe for all students. Foods that contain ingredients known to cause allergic reactions to students attending that function or have unknown ingredients should not be served.
  • Special vigilance for food allergies exists in the Early Childhood Center, which includes junior pre-k, pre-k and kindergarten and where children are not yet old enough to always recognize potential allergy-inducing foods.


  • Food may not be consumed on a Bright School bus or bus hired by Bright School unless special permission is given for a specific event.
  • Food known to cause allergies to students who routinely ride a Bright School bus or are riding a bus for a field trip or other function is not allowed to be brought on the bus.

Extended Care

  • The locations where Extended Care is held are nut-free zones. No food served during these activities contain peanuts or tree nuts.
  • Snacks for Extended Care are provided by Sodexo, and the same practices for during the regular school day apply to Extended Care.

After School Sports, Activities and Classes

  • The locations where these activities take place are nut-free zones. 
  • The school will provide a copy of the allergy policy to the directors and instructors for these activities. The directors and instructors must promote the safety of all students participating in their activities.

Happy Cart Room

  • This is a nut-free zone. 
  • The snacks located in the Happy Cart Room are provided by Parents’ Association volunteers. The Parents’ Association will provide a copy of the allergy policy to volunteers to ensure snacks with peanuts or tree nuts are not provided.

Other Events 

  • For events such as field trips, athletic events and other activities off campus, school staff and families should communicate concerns regarding allergy-causing foods to promote the safety of all students.