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Dress Code

Student dress is a shared responsibility between the home and the School.

We expect our students to present a consistent, acceptable appearance in dress, attitude, and performance. The purpose of the uniform dress code is to keep distractions at school to a minimum, and to allow our students and teachers to focus on the important work taking place each and every day in the classroom.

It is recommended that all clothing, particularly outerwear, be labeled with the child’s name in permanent ink.

1. Uniform Shirts:

  • Button down, long or short sleeve in white, light blue, pale yellow
  • Knit polo (boys & girls) with collar, long or short sleeve in white, light blue, pale yellow, navy, evergreen.  All polo shirts are required to have the Bright School logo in either navy or white.
  • Turtleneck in white, light blue, pale yellow, navy, evergreen
  • Striped rugby in long or short sleeve, navy and evergreen (from Educational Outfitters or Lands' End only). Must have the Bright School logo
  • Girl’s blouse (Peter Pan collar style) in long or short sleeve, in white, light blue, pale yellow; piping is acceptable. (plain front only). 

2. Uniform Sweaters:

  • V-neck or cardigan in white, navy, evergreen
  • Vest in navy or evergreen
  • Uniform dress code collared shirt is required underneath all uniform sweaters. 

3. Uniform Sweatshirts:

  • Crew neck or zipper front style in solid white, navy, evergreen with or without hoods and Bright School logo
  • Uniform dress code collared shirt is required underneath all uniform dress code sweatshirts.
  • The only official printed sweatshirts that are acceptable for uniform wear in the classroom are theProperty of Bright School gray sweatshirt or the Bright plaid gray sweatshirt which are sold in the school bookstore.
  • All other sweatshirts are considered as outerwear only (this includes the Bright School athletic sweatshirts which denote specific sports played). 

4. Uniform Slacks:

  • Slacks or shorts in solid navy or khaki
  • Corduroy is acceptable.
  • No jeans styling or cargo pockets are permitted.
  • A brown, black, or navy belt is required when slacks or shorts have loops (except for Pre K and Kindergarten students who can wear elastic waist pants). 

5. Uniform Tennis Shoes:

  • Tennis shoes are required daily. Shoes may not leave marks on any flooring surface. Lace-ups or Velcro are required instead of slip-ons.
  • Tennis shoes are not permitted to have lights, sounds, rhinestones/sparkles or wheels.
  • Loafers, Sandals, Flip-flops, Mary-Jane’s dress shoes or boots are not acceptable.
  • Socks in solid white, solid black, solid evergreen or solid navy must be visible above the shoe. Boy socks should be no longer than mid shin.  Girls may wear knee socks in solid white, solid black, solid evergreen or solid navy.
  • Shoelaces are to be a solid color. 

6. Outerwear

  • No restrictions on outerwear
  • Outerwear is limited to wear to and from school, recess, or during extended care and after school activities. 

7. Additional Items for Girls:

  • Jumper in solid navy, khaki, or official plaid (from Educational Outfitters and Lands' End only)
  • Skirt or skort in solid navy, khaki, or official plaid; no cargo styles
  • Polo style dress in solid navy or evergreen (from Educational Outfitters and  Lands' End only). Must have the Bright School logo
  • All items must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Tights and leggings in solid, plain white or navy (no patterns, lace, ruffled edge or embellishments)
  • Hair bows, ribbons, headbands in white, khaki, navy, evergreen, pale yellow, light blue, or official plaid.
  • All accessories should be minimal and non-distracting. 

Important Notes:

  • School logo is required on all polo shirts and polo dresses. Other clothing items it is optional.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Please arrive at school with it tucked in.
  • Visible brand name labels or logos are not acceptable on clothing worn in the classroom.
  • On assembly and graduation days (when specified), girls should wear a navy or khaki skirt or jumper and a white shirt, and boys should wear navy or khaki slacks and a white shirt.
  • Your child should keep a uniform sweater or sweatshirt at school.
  • Please label all clothing.
  • A modestly stocked used uniform closet is maintained during the school year and runs on the honor system. Contact the front office for information.
  • Please refer to the Parent Handbook for explanation of Bright School “free dress day” and Bright School T-shirt day.

 If you have any questions please contact Renee’ Kropff.

Shop online at our school store on or at Educational Outfitters located at 2271 Gunbarrel Rd Suite 107 Chattanooga, TN 37421. Clothing found under Bright School meets dress code and exceeds expectations. 

Shirts may only be embroidered by Lands' End, Educational Outfitters, Net Specialties or Threads on Signal. Only the official logo in navy or white provided by the school may be used.