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With enthusiasm and endless energy, our kindergarten students soar as learners because we cater to the business of young children…which is PLAY!  It is the work of children.  Kindergarten is a magical year that engages students’ imagination and builds their academic skills.  With a curriculum framed by the knowledge of children’s physical, social, and intellectual growth, our structured learning time is based on how children learn.  Daily opportunities are provided for students to pretend in the drama center, build in the block center, paint at the easel, and explore in the discovery center.  Well-planned literacy and math workshops allow students to build a foundation for future academic success.  Learning about the Chattanooga community, studying the rainforest, and exploring the ocean are just a few of the highlights throughout the year.  Some of the kindergarten traditions include fifth grade buddies, fairy-tale day, and a patriotic parade!  Playing, learning, and growing are what our kindergartners do best!


Teachers Mrs. Jana, Mr. Bill and Mrs. Leisl with assistants Miss Caroline, Ms. Sue and Miss Mary.

Discovery and Play

  • Discovers and plays alongside others
  • Engages in play that fosters cooperation and collaboration 
  • Increases curiosity through exploration and investigation

Social and Emotional Growth

  • Communicates and expresses feelings appropriately
  • Becomes aware of his/her role and the roles of others in the classroom community
  • Actively makes choices, self-corrects, and accepts that mistakes are part of learning
  • Develops social and emotional self-regulation
  • Begins to use conflict resolution skills


Language Arts

  • Begins to understand how sounds make words and words make sentences
  • Participates in shared reading experiences with predictable books, patterns, refrains, pictures, and rhymes
  • Listens and reads stories for enjoyment and information
  • Begins to understand the concepts of print
  • Begins to use beginning, middle, and ending sounds when decoding words and writing
  • Begins to use correct letter formation
  • Develops confidence as a writer and explores writing through journaling, shared writing, and guided practice


  • Expands number sense with manipulatives
  • Understands the part-whole relationship and the basic concepts of addition and subtraction
  • Practices math strategies and applies number concepts
  • Expands counting range, shape recognition, patterning, and data collection
  • Explores measurement with non-standard units
  • Develops a math vocabulary and communicates about math concepts