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Junior Pre-Kindergarten

Where it all begins at Bright School! Promoting natural curiosity, well-designed play, purposeful discovery, and meaningful exploration are at the heart of our Junior Pre-K classrooms. Focusing on social and emotional development, our program provides the fundamental building blocks for early development. The nurturing environment promotes self-confidence, building friendships, and learning about the world around them. Students are provided with opportunities to interact with others while discovering their own capabilities and independence. Our Junior Pre-K experience is enhanced with exposure to Spanish, music, library, and yoga on a rotation basis. The daily schedule is designed to foster the social, physical, and cognitive development of our youngest learners. The teachers are Mrs. Cathy and Mrs. Karen with assistants Miss Laurel and Miss Carmen.

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Social and Emotional Growth

• Practices communication and listening through interaction with others
• Gains independence through developing self-help skills
• Builds social awareness and cooperation within the structure of the classroom
• Establishes early friendships in a safe, nurturing environment

Discovery and Play

• Learns to make choices and increases independence
• Develops fine and gross motor skills
• Explores environment through sensory and tactile experiences
• Expands imagination through active play
• Begins to play cooperatively with peers


Academic Readiness

• Develops listening and speaking skills
• Builds foundational skills for numeracy and literacy
• Participates in a literature rich environment