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Strategic Plan: Introduction

In 2014, Bright School’s 101st year, the Board of Trustees embarked upon articulating a vision to begin the school’s next 100 years. Our new strategic plan is a result of that work, and in this plan one will find those steps the school will take to prepare a firm foundation for its future. The timeline for this plan is 2014-15 through 2018-19.

The plan takes into consideration new developments in technology, new opportunities for creating exciting learning environments, and new ways to manage our energy resources in a sustainable manner. While remaining true to those values and practices inherent in the school’s mission, proven and tested for over a century, the plan also looks to those opportunities the future has to offer.

At the center of this plan are the people who live the school’s mission in a variety of ways namely: students, teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and trustees. As a community dedicated to helping children learn, grow, and thrive, these people have all been a part of creating Bright School’s strategic plan. In the end, the plan sustains those beliefs that enable the people involved to contribute to a most worthy endeavor.

Four core strategies provide the focus for our investment of human and capital resources to achieve our goals over the next 3 -5 years. These objectives will be used by the Head of School to create an operating plan with specific initiatives to achieve our strategic objectives. The core strategies are:




Pecuniary (Financial Resources)

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