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The Parents' Association

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

On behalf of the Bright School Parents' Association, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our wonderful community! We are looking forward to a great year filled with fantastic events, community service activities, and, most importantly, supporting our kids and teachers so they can continue to attain excellence in education! Our Parents' Association creates an environment for learning and promotes the bond between students, teachers, administrators and parents. The association’s role is to provide a volunteer structure to help the school maintain the best environment in which to teach our children. It has been proven that a child whose parent(s) is involved in his/her education and school experience is a more successful student.  By volunteering you put your skills, talents, hobbies, and interests to work!  We are grateful for your time and support of Bright School. Thank you for continuing to give your time and talents for our children so that Bright School, in the words of Miss Bright, continues to be a “happy place to which children gladly come.”  Let's make this the best year yet!

Laura Steele, parent of Weber '17
Parents' Association President, 2016-2017

This year's board includes:

President-Elect: Carol Yim, parent of Lauren '14, Evan '18, and Ashley '20
Secretary: Lauren Boehm, parent of Meghan ’16, Ben ’19 and Ann ’21
Treasurer: Kristen Odom-Holland, parent of Sadie '22
Treasurer-Elect:  Mandy Anderson, parent of Payton '20
Vice President I: Elizabeth Jackson, parent of John ’16 and Sophie ’19  
Vice President II: Leslie Simmons, parent of Sye ’19 and Grant ’20; and Mary Ann Oxford, parent of Lauren ’19 and Mary Cleveland ’23 
Vice President III: Jennie Kueter, parent of Abby Grace ’15 and Soleigh ’19 
Vice President IV: Leah McDaniel, parent of Isaac ’17 
Vice President V: Jill Ryan, parent of Paige ’14 and Piper ’19

Parents' Association Board

Bottom row, from left to right: Laura Steele, Jennie Kueter, Leah McDaniel, Elizabeth Jackson and Leslie Simmons. Top row: Carol Yim, Mandy Anderson, Lauren Boehm, Jill Ryan, Kristen Odom-Holland, Mary Ann Oxford.