compassion. curiousity integrity respect

From the Head of School

Welcome to Bright School! I’m O.J. Morgan, head of the school, and I’m pleased to introduce you to a special place where, for more than a century, students, teachers, and parents have come together to further Miss Bright’s vision of a school where the joy of learning takes root. 

As you explore the many parts of the school, I hope you will see children engaged in education at its best. Children of all backgrounds find an environment that both nurtures and motivates their intellectual development in a variety of ways. Guided by skilled and loving teachers, our students also grow physically and socially, developing those skills that build the foundation for their success in the future. Our core values of compassion, curiosity, integrity, and respect will influence the important decisions they make in the years ahead.

Finally, you’ll also discover that Bright School students have a lot of fun. Miss Bright’s memorable words that the school be a “happy place to which children gladly come” are lived out on a daily basis. As I welcome students to school each morning, as they experience the lively and joyful world of learning unique to this place, and as they establish long and loving relationships with their teachers, Bright School students soon realize that they are the fortunate recipients of one of the greatest gifts of life, an education that has affected their lives for the good, forever.

So please enjoy looking through the website, and let me know if I might further interest you in the wonderful world of Bright School.


OJ Morgan, Head of School